Baijnath Prasad Snehi College of Education

Recognised by erc-ncte Bhubaneshwar

B.ed. Affiliated to Vinoba Bhave University & D.El.Ed. Affiliated to Jac Ranchi

The Baijnath Prasad Snehi College is providing all facilities to the pupil teachers. It gives emphasis on practical and multi-dimensional education. The teaching is imparted both in English as well as in Hindi. As a part of professional training pupil teachers are associated with school itself so that they face practical situation and get more and more food for thought and action.

With the expansion of technology and science in all fields it is the cry of the hour to technically equip our present as well as tomorrow's teachers so that the educational field becomes balanced, updated and strengthened to face and accept any new changes and progress.

You have entered an immensely rewarding career, a social enterprise which tries to usher in a better world through better relationship. This profession concerns not merely with passing on information or knowledge but with awakening a desire to learn and provide means of learning. There are numerous developmental processes that go on in the college in which the pupil teachers are assisted, guided, inspired and encouraged.

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